Time Off Request and Approval Process

When a team member requests time off, the Project Manager has a unique role in the approval process:

  1. The team member confirms with their PM that time off plans work with the project schedule.
  2. The PM compares the time off request with the project schedule, and checks to see if other team members are also out of office, then the PM makes the decision (rarely is time off declined).
  3. The PM and the team member discuss if/how the time off impacts the project schedule and discuss coverage if needed (i.e. who picks up the slack in ticket work?).
  4. Assuming the PM approves the time off, the team member goes through the formal process for requesting time off.
  5. A Delivery Manager approves the time off via email reply and requests that the admin support team adds the time off to the Master Out of Office Calendar.
  6. The admin support team enters the time off into Harvest's Forecast tool which we use for people resourcing.
  7. The PM should double check that Forecast is correct, and update the Delivery Projects spreadsheet as needed (for example if a project is time & material, then a day off will impact the projected invoiced amount for the month).
  8. As the time off date approaches, the PM and the team member work through project impacts and coverage together. It is good practice that the PM add the team's out of office notices to the scrum notes as the dates approach.
  9. The PM and the team member notify the rest of the team about the time off.