Project Folder Structure

When a new project kicks off, the project manager should set up two project folders using a consistent folder structure, so that team members are always familiar with the structure when they move from project to project. The team members (CivicActions and client) should then be invited to the appropriate folders, and given the permissions they need.

Structure Highlights

  • Every client-facing project should have two project folders: External and Internal
  • The External folder includes the whole project team and the major client stakeholders
  • The Internal folder will include only the CivicActions project team
  • The majority of the documents, materials, etc., will land within the External folder (we rely on being transparent with out project documents to provide the whole team with the access they need)
  • The Internal folder typically includes internal documents related to budget planning, invoicing, proposal documents, etc.
  • There are situations that merit a third folder for scenarios like third-party stakeholders who need a different level of access to documents (often paired down content)

Example Folder Structures