Planning Travel and Onsite Meetings

We sometimes meet with clients "onsite," in their offices or elsewhere, to conduct discovery research and/or product demos and evaluation during the development process. Anytime travel is involved, use the CivicActions Travel Details form template as a starting point for your planning. Please make a copy of the template before filling it out. Do as much or as little planning as is appropriate for your specific project.

Onsite Planning Guidelines

  • Create a Trello board for keeping track of all the details: lodging, meals, transportation, prep tasks, etc. See TEMPLATE: Onsite Meeting Planning.
  • Create a budget for the onsite meeting (check the contract for allowed budget or get approval from management if out of pocket budget is required).TEMPLATE: Onsite Travel Estimates
  • Create invites on the project calendar for the onsite meetings and invite participants.
  • Research hotels and coordinate booking details with the Office Manager.
  • Remind CivicActions participants to coordinate with the Office Manager to book flights.
  • Research meal options and coordinate with the Office Manager on food orders, delivery, and reservations.
  • TEMPLATE: Discovery, which includes a backlog of potential onsite discovery activities, may be a useful guide if your onsite meetings are Discovery-related.