Project Manager Templates

The purpose of templates

Templates are a great way to become efficient and consistent at communicating project status. The templates below are templates that are commonly used by project managers throughout the life of a project. All of the PM templates should be kept within the CivicActions PM Folder - There are additional templates beyond the ones listed below in that folder.

Kickoff Agenda

This template is used as a guide for project managers when beginning a project. The kickoff agenda provides a list of key points the project manager should address during the meeting to ensure there is clear expectations of all participating parties. Items covered include:

  • Introduction
  • Project Success
  • Restrictions
  • Project strategy
  • Project Deliverables and milestones
  • Wrap Up

Kickoff Meeting Agenda Template

Meeting Notes

This template is used as a guide for project managers when facilitating their daily scrum calls. The team can decide if they would like the notes to be a living Google document or to go out as an email each day to the client list. If the team chooses to have an email sent each day by the PM, then the PM should consider creating a "canned response" email template in their Gmail to be able to quickly call up the notes laid out.

Meeting Notes template

Weekly Status Report

This template is used as a guide for project managers to send weekly status updates to their Product Owner / client. We want our clients to have access to this type of important reporting easily and often. This status report provides the client with critical budget updates, lists new risks, outlines any major decisions, provides a summary of the work that week, etc. If a project calls for a monthly status report (MSR), these weekly reports should provide all the information needed to put the MSR together.

Weekly Status Report Template

Project Risk Ledger

This template is used as a guide for project managers to track the project risks no matter how large or small.

Risk Ledger Template

Client Change Request

Some project contracts may require formal change requests when modifying key personnel, deliverables, budget, etc. This document can serve as a template for initiating that change with the contracting officer representative (COR).

Client Change Request Template

Client Integrated Project Plan

If the project requires an Integrated Project Plan (IPP), then this template can serve as that tool. This is not to be considered as a large fixed plan, but rather something that becomes a living document as we learn more about the project. It will be important that the PM adds updates to this plan as more is discovered so that it does not become stale or useless.

Client Integrated Project Plan Template

Budget Tracking

The following templates can be helpful for the project manager to track their budget and include in their weekly status reporting.

Burndown Template

Budget Tracking Document

Project Contacts

This template is useful for projects that have a large stakeholder team or when the project team has a partner team. It is a place to track all the folks who have an interest in the project.

Project Contacts Template