Tracking Contract Expirations and Renewals

Tracking Contract Dates

When a project is awarded, the sales team will have a handoff call to the delivery team. The delivery team should receive a copy of the contract, and at this point the project manager should make sure the contract dates (start dates, end dates, option terms) get added to the Project Contracts Calendar.

The PM may want to a separate document that lists the project contract dates in one easy view. Below are a couple template options:

Contract Locations

(WIP) CivicActions in is the middle of reoganizing where we store contracts and the folder structure around that. Currently nearly all current contracts can be located in the CivicActions Contracts folder and then within the client and project name.

Contract Management

(WIP) CivicActions is currently revamping our contract management processes and workflows. This will include more information about where to locate a master list of contracts and dates.