Social Media


The content team maintains CivicActions' presence on social media. We use social media to share our work, help people learn, and to participate in the wider civic tech community. Our social media posts generally fall into three categories:

  • Promoting the achievements of CivicActions team members
  • Sharing about our job opportunities
  • Connecting to the larger civic tech community

Social channels

Requesting Tweets and promotion

If you have something you think the content team should promote on social media, please make a request in our Slack channel: #content

Team member privacy preferences

CivicActions uses photos of our team on social media and our website to attract talent, celebrate our achievements, and connect to the civic tech community. By working at CivicActions you are agreeing to the use of your likeness in photos for these purposes.

However, not everyone wants their professional life online, and that's okay. Every CivicActions team member is asked to document their privacy preferences using the CivicActions team member social media privacy preferences form. You can let us know whether it's okay to include your name, @mention your account, or use photos of you in our social media posts.

You can also tell us if you don't want us to use photos of you on our website, CivicActions does not use photos of team members who are the primary subject of the image for promotional purposes without their consent. We may use group photos in which you appear as long as you are not the primary subject of the photo.

Anyone who plans to publicly promote CivicActions with content that includes individual team members (such as posting a group photo on social media) should first check with the #content team to make sure that your post doesn't violate anyone's privacy preferences. (It's okay to post photos in our CivicActions Slack.)

When doing onsite visits or meeting up with clients at community events, your team may want to take photos to document their research, gather promo photos for the content team, or just celebrate meeting folks in real life. It's important to get verbal consent any time you take a photo of someone, but there are a few circumstances where you should also get written consent before taking and using photos of clients or other partners.

  • Posting photos in CivicActions Slack
  • Photos used for internal documentation purposes only
  • Group photos where a client appears, but isn't identifiable (for example, because their face isn't visible, or they are not otherwise identifiable)
  • Photos for promotional/commercial purposes, such as on our website or social media posts
  • Photos you plan to share in your individual professional portfolio
  • Images that appear in public presentations, such as conference talks
  • Images used for sales collateral or other printed promotional materials
  • Contact the client or partner in advance and ask them to fill out the privacy waiver form.
  • Upload the completed form to this folder.
  • When sharing the photo with others to use at CivicActions, let them know you obtained written consent.

Accessibility in Social Media

Accessibility is important to CivicActions. We work to follow the best practices in the social media platforms we use:

We do sometimes forget, so please reach out if we've overlooked it in a post.