The Sales Proposal Process

Sales Proposal Process

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Proposal Roles

1. Business Liaison

  • Performs market research of client to gain insights
  • Defines high level cost targets

2. Proposal PM

  • Sets up proposal structures
  • Leads daily scrum
  • Manages proposal resources

3. Tech Lead

  • Reads full RFP and appendices
  • Fills out analysis document
  • Solutions architecture
  • Develops outline of how to respond / key points
  • Estimates that track hours for the proposed solution
  • Identifies organizational gaps for delivering solution (services)
  • Proposes a set of roles for delivering solution

4. SME

  • Analyze specific sections aligned with their expertise
  • Write or review parts of the proposal response

5. Author

  • Reviews select sections of RFP and appendices as needed
  • Writes sections of the outline

6. Reviewer

  • Reviews estimates
  • Reviews writing for strategy

7. Compliance Lead

  • Analyzes proposal needs for compliance
  • Reviews compliance needs for proposal