CivicActions Marketing

The marketing team uses a community-driven approach to strategically attract the right talent, clients, and partners to work with CivicActions. Marketing is also a way for us to promote best practices and help shape the conversation around government digital services. We do this through a variety of initiatives such as:

Strategy and OKRs

Marketing is using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to set and track measurable goals. View Marketing OKRs here.

We welcome everyone at CivicActions to be part of the conversation about how to best reach our audiences with valuable content and ideas. Here are some Slack channels you can drop into for marketing related discussions:

  • #marketing: Discussion on marketing strategy, OKRs, initiatives, press, and general marketing inquirires or ideas
  • #brand: Brand-related assets, projects, resources, questions (logos, colors, styles, templates, letterhead...)
  • #content: Discuss and collaborate on any content-related initiatives like blog posts, articles, collateral, etc.
  • #events: General discussion, planning, and questions about events we may attend or sponsor. There are also channels specific to core events like #event-drupal-govcon, #event-cfa-summit, etc.
  • #civicactions-homesite: Discussion, feedback, ideas, and project management for You can also use this channel to request an update to any homesite content, such as your staff profile.

Templates, logo, and branded collateral

Here are some commonly requested items from Marketing:

Looking for something and can't find it here? Head over to #marketing in Slack and just ask us.


We attend events and conferences for a number of purposes, including:

  • Recruitment (Hiring Team)
  • Business Development (Sales Team)
  • Professional Development (Team Members)
  • Community Participation & Speaking

Core Events The current list of "core events" that CivicActions sponsors and attends each year includes:

  • LibrePlanet (March)
  • DrupalCon North America (April)
  • AGL Summit (May)
  • Code for America Summit (May)
  • DevOps Days DC (July)
  • Drupal GovCon (July)

The Events Team manages the sponsorship and planning of the Core Events with support from team members as needed. Event sponsorship and attendance are on hold until public health considerations are resolved.

Speaking at Events

We highly encourage team members to share knowledge at conferences and have a number of initiatives to support these efforts.

CivicActions will pay all costs for travel, registration, attendance, etc., for any team member that has conference presentation accepted at a Core Event. (Marketing > Core Events budget)

Here's a running list of public presentations by CivicActions folks. To get started or share idea about attending or speaking at events, head over to the Slack channel #events.

CivicActions will pay all costs up to $1200/year per person to be used for travel, registration, attendance, etc. for any team member that has conference presentation accepted at a Non-Core Event. (Community Participation > Speaking Stipend)

The Stipend is available three months after the beginning of employment and is reset at the calendar year. Speaking submissions and participation at non-core events are completely at the discretion of every team member, but we request you take into account your project delivery's schedule and check-in with your Project Manager to make sure it won't negatively impact your client delivery expectations.

Professional Development Stipend

Every team member has an annual $1,200 ProDev Stipend they can use to attend any conference or event to support their own professional learning. There is no requirement on the type of event a team member can attend, and it is not required or expected they would speak at a ProDev event.

The ProDev stipend is not limited to events, and can also be used for books, webinars, online classes, apps, or any other ways of improving one's skills.