Basic Overview

  • We use Zoom video conferencing software for larger meetings, such as our weekly and monthly All Hands Calls. To participate, you may download the Zoom app, view in browser, or call in from a telephone (just don't forget to mute yourself!).
  • Login with your CivicActions email. You will see a link below the sign-in box that reads, "Or, sign in with Google..." so click that and proceed to login via your CivicActions email (may automatically do it if you're already logged in via your browser)
  • For easier scheduling of zoom video calls:
    • download the zoom browser extension Firefox 57+ here, Chrome here.
    • Once extension is installed, find the little Zoom logo on your toolbar and click sign-in.
    • Go into google calendar to start scheduling a meeting. Add attendees and set date/time as usual. Click on the blue "Make It a Zoom Meeting" button and notice that the zoom URL and dial-in info is now filled in for you.

Free vs paid accounts

Most CivicActions employees have free Zoom accounts, which have enough features to participate and to host short meetings. Meeting hosts may need paid accounts, because free accounts are limited in two important ways:

  • Meetings are limited to 40 minutes.
  • No recording is possible.

Paid accounts are available for those who need them regularly (once a week or so, or if you host a regular call that needs Zoom). If you need to host a longer meeting, or you need to record a meeting, you can either ask a project manager or someone you know has a paid account to host it for you, or you can request a paid account via admin@civicactions.com.

Tips and Shortcuts

  • Zoom is the default video meeting tool for CivicActions as it easily allows participants to dial themselves in to the meeting
  • Slack has a shortcut to creating a meeting: Just enter "/zoom" in the channel or direct message where you want the meeting link to appear
  • Mute by default when joining: Settings > Audio and check "Always mute microphone when joining meeting"
  • Optional video off by default when joining a new call (but best practice is to turn video on during the meeting once joined): Settings > Video and check "Turn off my video when joining meeting"
  • Display participant names: Settings > Video and check "Always display participant's name on their video"
  • Enable shortcuts outside of Zoom can be handy for (un)muting when Zoom is not your top window: Settings > Accessibility and select "Enable shortcuts even when the Zoom app is not in focus"
  • Screen share Mac shortcut: Cmd + Shift + S
  • Screen share PC shortcut: Alt + Shift + S