Documenting Responsibilities

As a step towards a flatter organizational structure and to reduce the need of middle management, we are taking a first step of identifying responsibilities that each of us has right now.

This allows us to see what we are doing and what can be distributed across the team. The exercise also helped to identify what things people are doing that are either bringing them energy or depleting it. This is important as we think about how we can distribute responsibilities and how people can make shifts as we continue to grow.

The other thing we identified are the responsibilities that may experience big impacts or challenges with rapid growth. We will identify where the gaps are in the teams and across the organization which will inform hiring needs, professional development, and/or responsibility swapping.

The next iteration of this exercise will be to look at the responsibilities within a certain team or practice area and how that group interfaces with other groups (such as marketing) to better define how we can best collaborate and what each practice area/group is responsible for.

Responsibilities Boards

Note: A person is on a single board, even if their work spans across multiple practice areas. Each person should include all of their responsibilities in their column, even if some responsibilities don't relate to the practice area.