Initiatives at CivicActions

What is and isn't an initiative?

An initiative is:

  • Internally oriented project, organizational development or change
  • Or, externally facing with a unique service, product or market
  • Clearly defined verb/action with a defined state of completion or end date
  • Has active ongoing weekly work visible in card updates or the associated Slack channel(s)

An initiative is not:

  • Routine internal tasks
  • A client project providing a service/product we have provided before
  • An ongoing activity or process
  • Inactive or stale for an extended period

Where to find the list of initiatives?

The CivicActions Initiatives Trello board lists the current and completed company-wide initiatives.

Who can add to the Trello board?

Initiative creator

If you have begun an initiative, you should create a card for it so others in the company can learn about it - even if not fully formed.

Anyone at CivicActions

If you hear about an initiative at CivicActions, and you notice it is missing from this board, then please draft a stub card. You can create the skeleton card, and then ask someone else to own filling out more details. If you're not sure who owns the initiative, just ping the stub card to the person you heard about the initiative from and ask them if they can support filling out the card.

How often is the Trello board updated?

Real time

In the ideal scenario, an initiative card will get updated in real time as it changes or updates.


At a minimum an initiative card should be updated monthly. Ideally the monthly cycle happens before the monthly All Hands Calls.

How often is the Trello board information shared?

All Hands Call

There will be a slide on each Monthly AHC to remind the team of this Trello board. This will also serve as a reminder for team members to add to the board and update existing initiative cards.


When a new hire starts at CivicActions, this Trello board will be introduced to them. They will also receive a link to the handbook page about company initiatives.

Posts to #general in Slack

  • When new cards are added
  • When cards move columns
  • When comments are posted to cards