CivicActions is 100% fully distributed, so we do not mind where you work from, so long as you get the work done. Being able to work from different locations helps humans deal with different life situations while still having a meaningful job. This helps humans with their work/life balance while also helping CivicActions with employee balance, retention, and recruiting. This is actively encouraged and not something to hide!

Just because "On-the-Go" work is possible does not mean that it is automatically a good fit for you personally and professionally. Before you start, we recommend you ask yourself these questions if you're thinking about working from a new, temporary location:

  • Are you comfortable working odd hours or rearranging work time based on your project and role's needs?
  • Can you adapt quickly to new time zones and working hours?
  • Are you comfortable with working on a small, portable workstation for an extended period of time?
  • Are you able to focus on work in many different locations or despite distractions?
  • Can you adapt your workflow as needed for your project?
  • Connectivity - does where-ever you're traveling have reliable Wi-Fi?
  • Are you working on a project that is restricted to certain locations/regions/countries (i.e. crypto code, HIPPA, GDPR, production server access, etc.) and will you be staying within those areas?

If you've answered yes to most or all of these questions, then working while travelling might be a good fit for you! Your next step is to talk to your project manager about working while on the go.