Cultural Ambassadors

Cultural Ambassadors are responsible for creating one-on-one connections with team members, checking in on their feelings of inclusiveness, and addressing any social or higher level technical issues they are having.

This role was created out of a need for our growing organization to ensure that new team members are well supported and acclimate to our open culture and so that all team members have the option of getting support from a designated person that is not their manager or project manager.


  • Create a safe atmosphere: Check in about connectedness to team, learn about each person, help them feel like they have someone who they can ping if they have a question about CivicActions culture who is never going to be too busy or impatient to deal with them.
  • Remove barriers to communication with Project Managers: as a person outside the structure of various projects, the ambassador can help resolve blockers on tickets where people feel overwhelmed, or where they are afraid to ask for help or for more information, or where they don't feel empowered to say that they are lacking information from whatever smart person handed the task to them. The ambassador can use this time to help show that the PM is truly on this person's side and can be trusted with these kinds of concerns, and could gradually facilitate a handoff so that these problems start to go to the PM instead.
  • Practice Area contributions: community health should be a part of practice area reports. The cultural ambassador should be reporting back to the their practice area about people who would like additional opportunities, people who are being under or over utilized, and people who are unable to find balance because of their workload. This should be examined alongside the technical problems that are brought back from projects. The ambassador should then work with the practice area representatives to find opportunities to fulfill and de-stress the person in question, to re-balance their workload if needed, to get them security clearances if desired, etc. This should definitely not be viewed as a negative assessment of any team members, but rather a chance to make them happier and more fulfilled and taken care of in their jobs.