Service Area Lead Role Description


The lead is responsible for guiding the overall vision and strategy of the service area, ensuring marketing, sales, recruiting and delivery achieve quality, revenue, margin, team and client satisfaction targets.


  • Manage the service area as a whole to meet KPI targets.
  • Seeks to understand client needs, technical trends, sales/recruiting market trends and competitive strengths and weaknesses.
  • Establishes and socializes a vision for service area.
  • Cultivates a culture of balance, learning and continuous improvement.
  • Works across the team to develop, select and implement strategies that increase quality and profitability for the service area.
  • Participate in delivery management and operations calls as needed.


  • Identify potential marketing opportunities aligned with our "white hat" approach.
  • Work with marketing department to evaluate and implement opportunities then measure outcomes.
  • Support and staff marketing department requests (e.g. collateral, event participation).


  • Develop pre-qualification criteria for leads and support qualification and go/no-go decisions.
  • Staff the proposal process (writing, estimation, presentation etc.).
  • Provide support, training and editorial review to ensure high-quality, competitive bids.
  • Work with Sales leads to establish and maintain partner and agency relationships as needed.


  • Write job descriptions.
  • Work with management and project teams to review applications, interview and select candidates.
  • Assigning mentors to new hires.


  • Understand skills, abilities and interests of current team.
  • Work with delivery manager and PM group to fill project needs and resolve conflicting needs.
  • Check-in with team members as needed.


  • Works with IT to plan and resource any internal infrastructure needs.
  • Works with Legal and Compliance to identify legal and compliance risks across service area projects and implement policies and tools to mitigate.
  • Works with Administration as needed (e.g. software licenses).
  • Works with ProDev to identify training and certification needs and opportunities.