Service Areas

Service areas are primarily client facing and serve broad categories of service or solution that our clients request in a significant quantity. Service areas work across departments and delivery to develop, market, sell, deliver and grow a set of related services and build the team that delivers those services.

It is important to note that service areas may overlap in places, and that client projects can often be served by more than one service area during the course of delivery. Similarly team members may work across multiple service areas, even in a single day.

Each area has one or two Service Area Leads. The lead is responsible for guiding the overall vision and strategy of the service area, ensuring marketing, sales, recruiting and delivery achieve quality, revenue, margin, team and client satisfaction targets.

Each service area is identified by a unique 2 character code - this is used to identify the service area in Harvest and other tools.


Name Code Leads Responsibilities Slack Meetings
DevOps DV Owen Barton Board link #devops Every 2 weeks on Thursday, 1-2pm PT, 4-5pm ET
Drupal DR Bob Schmitt Board link #engineering-drupal
Free Software Open Data OD Kim Davidson & Gerardo Gonzales Board link #opendata Weekly on Friday, 1-2pm PT, 4-5pm ET
Innovation Lab IL TBD Board link #
Security & Compliance SC Fen Labalme Board link #loving-security
Support & Helpdesk SP Ero Gray Board link #helpdesk
Education Services ES Tony Fortenberry Board link #eduservices
User Experience UX Kevin Walsh Board link #devops Weekly on Monday, 12-1pm PT, 3-4pm ET