Affinity Channels

What is an affinity channel?

Affinity channels are intentional spaces for people who share a common identity or affinity to build community and have conversations that are harder to protect in a general space. For example, the #ca-womxn affinity channel is a space for CivicActioners who identify as female, trans, or gender non-conforming.

Affinity channels directory

List of all affinity channels and who the moderator is for each channel are below.

  • #parenting (open): Parents and caregivers of children share joy and resources. All welcome.
  • #ca-womxn (open): Networking, supporting, and celebrating them/they/she/her. All welcome.
  • #ca-lgbtq2aplus (private, Grace): A space for members of the queer community to have connect!
  • #rainbow (open): A space to have conversations related to the LGBTQ2+ community. Allies welcome!
  • #blackpeopleinaction (private, Winifred): A safe space for Black people to have conversations that are open, frequent, authentic, and relevant.
  • `#civicasians (private, Kim): A space for team members who identify as Asian to connect

Regional Groups:

  • #ca-bayarea (open): For team members located in the Bay Area or traveling to the Bay for work
  • #ca-co (open): For team members located in Colorado
  • #ca-dc (open): For team members located in DC or traveling to DC for work
  • #ca-florida (open): For team members located in Florida
  • #ca-new-england (open): For team members located in the New England area
  • #ca-or (open): For team members located in Oregon
  • #canada (private, Kev): For employees located in Canada; mostly operational, PEO Canada
  • #sacramento-things (open): For team members located in the Sacramento area or traveling to Sacramento for work

Who can join an affinity channel

Please honor the intentions of the affinity channels by only joining affinity groups you identify with, unless the channel topic explicitly welcomes allies. For open channels, be aware that conversations are public and can be viewed by anyone at CivicActions, regardless of whether or not they are in the channel.

Anyone can join an affinity channel as long as they identify with the group, including members of the management team. Management members who are not part of the affinity group will not be in affinity channels, and cannot view content in channels that are private.

Joining a private affinity channel

If you would like to be added to a private affinity channel, reach out to the point of contact or moderator listed in the affinity channels directory.

Affinity channel moderator role

Affinity channel moderators serve as the main point of contact for team members outside of private channels. Moderators are responsible for adding new team members to the channel on request. Each private affinity channel must have at least one designated moderator, but they do not have to be the person who created the channel.

How to create a new affinity channel

  • Anyone at CivicActions can create a new affinity channel. Before starting a new affinity group, check the affinity channels directory to make sure a similar group does not already exist.
  • Add a new channel by clicking the + next to the Slack channels list.
  • Be sure to give your channel a description, and add a channel topic so people understand who it is for.
  • Decide whether to make your channel private, and whether allies are welcome.
  • Designate a point person moderator for your channel and add them to the channel topic.
  • Do a GitHub pull request to get your channel listed on the affinity channel handbook directory page; or if preferred, ask Alaine to add your new channel to the handbook page.
  • Announce your new channel in #general so others can join.