New Hire Orientation

Welcome to CivicActions!

We're honored to welcome you to our company. You have joined an organization that has established an outstanding reputation for authentic communications and a commitment to being fully present, which has led to the delivery of quality products and services. Credit for this goes to every one of us. We believe in you and are excited to experience your contributions.

CivicActions operates transparently on a fundamental level. We expect everyone, individually and collectively, to be open minded, forthright, trustworthy, ethical and have a sense of humor. Because we expect it, we attract people who demonstrate exactly these qualities.

There are topics in this document that require more detail on how we implement policies. This Handbook is likely to be a springboard for conversations that will allow us to express our views, get to know each other better, and continually improve harmonious relationships and processes. Issues are addressed on a case-by-case basis. You will find CivicActions a great place to work.

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Onboarding Process

Welcome aboard! As part of the new employee onboarding process, we created a three to four day Onboarding Schedule to assist you through navigating CivicActions as a new team member. You will meet with an onboarding captain for one hour each day for three consecutive days, and then have follow up self-guided readings and tasks to help you orient. You will also be paired up with a seasoned CivicActions-er in your domain area to help you learn about our working practices and our primary tools and how we use them. You will also attend a few focused trainings around agile, security, and company culture. In addition to, your project may have additional security trainings and background checks to complete before starting on the project.


Human resources

CivicActions uses TriNet for outsourcing benefits, payroll, and human resources support. TriNet offers self-directed online new hire orientations. Each session take approximately 30 minutes. To access the on-demand orientation at any time, simply log into HR Passport. Visit the "New Hire Orientation" link under "Resources" from HR Passport's home page. The course can be completed all at once, or on an intermittent schedule with course completion tracked through TriNet University.