Team Resume Instructions

We sometimes get requests for team resumes. We use a template for formatting team resumes so they are consistent.


  1. Look for an email from your onboarder introducing you to our Sales team asking that you schedule a 30 minute meeting to work on your resume and get an overview of our Sales/BD process.
  2. Review the resume template but do not edit or make any copies at this point.
  3. The Sales team will make a copy of the resume template and then connect with you to provide a link to your CivicActions resumes and help you complete the resume as needed.
  4. The Sales team will connect with you as needed to complete it. They may schedule a quick Zoom meeting to complete it together as well.
  5. The Sales team will also request copies of your degrees and certificates to keep on file.
  6. When you are complete with your resume, email the Sales team a link back to the same resume draft first provided, and also include the certs and degrees as noted above.
  7. The Sales team will do final review and save your resume in the team resumes folder.