New Hire Orientation meetings

Day 1

Onboarding Paperwork

  • Overview of TriNet tasks:

    • Employment Agreement
    • Confidential Information Document
    • I-9 - Employment Eligibility Verification
    • W-4 - Federal Income Tax Withholding
    • Direct deposit form
    • Benefits selection
    • Anti-Harassment Training (visit "My Company", then select "Training")
  • Review and acknowledge Conflict of Interest (COI) plan. Read this COI plan, and look for an email from DocuSign that asks you to acknowledge it later this week.

First Orientation

  • Introduction to the buddy program
  • Working hours expectations:
    • We have schedule flexibility, but request a general set schedule / core hours
    • Put appointments in your personal calendar
    • Ping slack if you're just going offline for a few
    • Basically let your team know when you're not free
    • Over communicate if you're going offline (vacation, lunch, appointment, etc.)
    • Be at the pre-scheduled meetings & tell manager if you can't attend
    • Be able to get your work done within your timebox
  • We aim for the following billable utilization:
    • Fixed price projects: 100% (40 hours / week - this means you can bill your internal meetings, like pod calls, to the project)
    • Time and Materials: 85-95% (34-38 hours / week)

Time Tracking

  • Review account in Harvest and start logging your time daily
  • How to log onboarding time:
    • Log your time in the CivicActions Harvest project: CA > Onboarding > select your service area or "Company-wide" for areas like Sales > then enter a description
    • Please use a description like "Onboarding meeting," "Onboarding documentation review," "Onboarding watching scrum videos," "Onboarding resume & bio work," etc.

Communication Tools

Get to Know Your Colleagues

Day 2

Time Off and Scheduling

Project Overview Info & Some How We Work Info

  • Relevant project introductions: Connect with appropriate person to walk through each project to discuss the project and its goals, the product owner, stakeholders, team members, technologies, ticket review, project status, etc.

Virtual Workplace Basics

Aligning Yourself with CivicActions

Day 3

Some How We Work & Skills Info

Versioning Systems and Development Process

Security for Everyone

Day 4

Role-based training/orientation