Interview Preparation

This process starts directly after the proposal response is submitted to the State of California.

Templates of documents and emails are in the documentation folder and can be found here: Documentation

An example of an actual interview preparation for CWDS-TPS3 documents, templates, and folder structure can be found here: TPS3 Interview Prep

Step 1 - The proposal was just submitted

  • The proposal was submitted on MM/DD/YYY (obtain the actual date)
  • Create an interview prep folder (ACDPQVP > XYZ > XYZ Interview Prep), Ex. ACDPQVP > CWDS > TPS3 Interview Prep
  • Prepare the documents for the interview prep folder:
  • Create an """ mailing distribution list (dept-xyz-int)
  • Email the team using the mailing distribution list (Template 0): Introductory Email
    • Customize the template for the following fields:
      • Timing & Dates:
      • Expectation to hear from State within 2 weeks
      • Meet with the team for 2-3 days (same week we hear back or following week depending on if a Monday or Friday)
      • Interview with the Client (same week we hear back or following week depending on if a Monday or Friday)
      • Interview results (2 weeks after interview)
      • List the projected project start date from RFO
    • Reading Materials
    • Interview Questions
    • Interview Format
  • Provide access by adding all team members to the newly created Interview Prep Google Drive folder

  • Important Relationship Building Tips:

    • Communicate with the team at least once a week
    • Invite the team to at least one pod call

Step 2 - The interview was scheduled

  • If the client hasn't notified the team by our projected date, send an email to the team with the status and state that we're still waiting to hear back
    • Update the proposed timeline dates
  • The client notifies of the intent to interview with time slot options
    • The preferred time slot to interview is in the morning
      • We get questions 24 hours before the interview and clinics will need to be scheduled with the team
      • Clinics are more accommodating for team members in the afternoons/evenings
  • Create a Slack channel (dept-xyz-int)
  • Create WebEx meetings for the week (request from Owen)
  • Prepare new documents for the interview prep folder:
    • State Dept XYZ Interview Clinic Signup (Template) Interview Clinic Signup
      • A sign up sheet for team members to schedule sessions answering practice questions in an interview-style.
    • State Dept XYZ Interview (Template) Interview Preparation
      • Instructions on how to prepare for and during the interview
      • Includes questions
      • Allows team members to rate their confidence in answering each question, overall talking points, and notes
    • State Dept XYZ Clinic Interview Question Responses (Template) Clinic Interview Question Responses
      • Lists all actual questions and allows team members to note their answers and ratings in answering each question
      • Any additional reading materials they need to read (as needed)
    • Email team (template 1): Selected for an interview
      • Customize the template for the following fields:
        • The Interview date & time
        • All Hands Q&A and Overview Meeting Date and Time
        • Interview Clinic Start Time
        • WebEx Link and Tips
    • Separately email Technical Lead & ScrumMaster (template 2): Valuable Role
      • Explain why their role is valuable for interview & preparation
      • Provide additional documents for them to read
    • Email team (template 3): Reminder
      • First All Hands Q&A / Overview meeting
      • Information about upcoming clinics

Step 3 - Interview Kickoff

  • Facilitate the kickoff overview meeting with the team & one-on-ones (one full day)
    • Ensure we record the introduction meeting and get a shareable link
    • Team members sign up via the clinic sign up sheet
  • Email team (template 4): Next Steps
    • Congratulating the team on a job well done
    • Provide a link to the recording of the Q&A overview
    • Includes the next steps/expectations

Step 4 - Interview Questions Received

  • The client has provided the actual interview questions
    • Ensure all team members have signed up for clinics
    • Email team (template 5) Official Interview Preparation
      • Explain that we have received the official interview questions
      • Include A/V connections notes
      • Reminder of helpful links
  • Clinic one-on-ones are held (one full day)
    • The PM takes notes at all clinics for team members
    • Use State Dept XYZ Clinic Interview Question Responses Clinic Interview Question Responses
      • Share the document link with each team member after their clinic
  • Email team (template 6) Final Preparation Email
    • Includes final preparation steps for the interview
    • Reminder of the warm up time prior to the interview
    • A list of all questions with team member's speaking order
    • Any question(s) that need additional support
    • Support Availability

Step 5 - Interview Warm Up

  • Morning warm up is 25 minutes before the interview with the whole team
  • The client interview is 75 minutes with the whole team

Step 6 - Update and Communicate with the Team

  • Email the team (template 7) Status Update
    • At least once a week about the status
  • The client notifies us of the contract win
  • Email team (template 8) Interview Outcome
    • We won, but keep the information internal
    • Award anticipation date
    • Proposed start date & hire date timing
  • Email team follow up (template 9) Onsite Project Preparation
    • Proposed start date
    • Proposed retreat dates
  • Client notifies of official award & official start date
  • Email team (template TBD)
    • We have the award
    • Confirmation of start date
  • Team hire date & working agreements

Step 7 - Retreat and Onsite Project Details

  • Team 3 day retreat & preparation
  • Project start date with the client