DEI Practice Area Ops

How to get involved

Anyone at CivicActions who’s interested can join the DEI Practice Area. Your participation is especially valuable if you have at least a few hours of capacity each month beyond the practice area call to contribute to the group’s ongoing work, though all are welcome.

To get started, you can join the DEI monthly call, or ask someone in #dei-practice-area to invite you.

Leadership and facilitation

The DEI Practice Area is led by a facilitator who serves on a rotating basis, typically for 3 months at a time. Anyone with interest and capacity can serve as facilitator.

DEI facilitator’s role includes: * Facilitating the monthly call * Setting the call agenda * Monitoring/managing the DEI trello board * Taking notes * Maintaining momentum * Checking in with group members on progress

How we work

#dei-practice-area Slack channel for organizing our work as a practice area.

#diversity-equity-inclusion For more general interest discussions about DEI topics, though we encourage everyone to be integrate DEI related conversations where they are likely to reach the widest and most relevant audience. For example, do you have an interesting article about diversity in recruiting for user research? Consider posting #ux, or even #general.

DEI Practice Area trello board: Curious about what we’re actually doing? Check out our work and initiatives.

Individual support

DEI point people

Not everyone is at the same level of familiarity or comfort with DEI topics, and that’s okay. Team members who have questions or concerns about DEI topics, but aren't comfortable bringing them to a large group conversation or public channel can reach out to a DEI point-person for support. DEI point-people can help our team talk through sensitive issues in team dynamics, answer questions, or just be there to listen. Folks can reach out to any of the DEI point-people listed in the #diversity-practice-area channel description.

DEI Point Person Manifesto: the principles and goals that designated DEI point people promise to uphold as team members providing individual support for sensitive topics.