General Contacts and Listservs

General Contacts

We have a fairly flat structure, so feel free to contact anyone who you think can answer your question. If that team member cannot, they will direct you to the person who can.

  • Pay-stubs, hiring paperwork, expense reimbursements: Judy Raiten
  • Technical questions, specific project questions: Owen Barton
  • HR related concerns or questions: First speak with your manager
  • Referring New Hires: Grace McKinney
  • Company Goals: Aaron Pava, Henry Poole
  • Sales related questions or ideas: Bill Ogilvie, Di Hussey
  • Marketing related questions or ideas: Aaron Pava, Luke Fretwell
  • Professional development and pro dev stipend: Elizabeth Raley
  • Time-off, vacation, leave of absence: Your PM first, Elizabeth Raley
  • Personal, company or client security/compliance questions: Fen Labalme
  • Pod Leads: Steve Curtis (Hydra), Susie Bird (Vela), Jason Heaster (Pyxis), Ero Gray (Ursa), Marc Jones (Aries)

Main Listservs