CivicActions' Elevator Pitch

Are you prepared for the "so, what does your company do" questions? Having an elevator pitch in mind is useful, not just for conferences, but also for every day networking.

Think about when you're at a gathering and you're excited about your new job and someone asks you to tell them more... what will you say? Don't sweat it, be prepared!

Here's a sample:

them: What do you do? me: We are disrupting government. them: Huh? me: You know how was a disaster? them: Yeah... me: We build government websites the way Google, Facebook, and Twitter do. For example, I am:...working on a project for the City of San Francisco to support families in need to have better access to healthier food. The project uses the latest in iterative design and mobile technology and costs taxpayers a fraction of developing software in a traditional way.

Some points to keep in mind:

  • CivicActions - Open & Agile Digital Services
  • We build modern digital services
  • We use agile, DevOps, open data, and free software
  • We want to create an open and accountable government
  • We work to transform government with free and open technologies and agile processes.
  • We support public sector IT leaders in understanding and implementing Agile project management practices within government (AGL).
  • We're on a rocket ship of growth, we have an amazing company culture, and we're looking for new team members to join the party!

Here's a presentation about making your own elevator pitch:

What's an elevator pitch anyhow?

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