New Hire Orientation meetings

Day 1

Onboarding Paperwork

First Orientation

  • Where to direct questions

  • Introduction to the buddy program

  • Working hours expectations:

    • We have schedule flexibility, but request a general set schedule / core hours
    • Put appointments in your personal calendar
    • Ping slack if you're just going offline for a few
    • Basically let your team know when you're not free
    • Over communicate if you're going offline (vacation, lunch, appointment, etc)
    • Be at the pre-scheduled meetings & tell manager if you can't attend
    • Be able to get your work done within your timebox
  • We aim for the following billable utilization:
    • Fixed price projects: 100% (40 hours / week - this means you can bill your internal meetings, like pod calls, to the project)
    • Time and Materials: 85-95% (34-38 hours / week)

Time Tracking

  • Review account in Harvest and start logging your time daily

  • Read the Harvest documentation on logging time

  • Read the submitting expenses process

  • Read the expense policy

  • How to log onboarding time:

    • Log your time in the CivicActions Harvest project: CA > Onboarding > select your service area or "Company-wide" for areas like Sales > then enter a description
    • Please use a description like "Onboarding meeting," "Onboarding documentation review," "Onboarding watching scrum videos," "Onboarding resume & bio work," etc.

Communication Tools

Get to Know Your Colleagues

Day 2

Time Off and Scheduling

Project Overview Info & Some How We Work Info

Virtual Workplace Basics

Aligning Yourself with CivicActions

Day 3

Some How We Work & Skills Info

Versioning Systems and Development Process

Security for Everyone

Day 4

Role-based training/orientation